Kerry Social Farming is a voluntary, locally led, community based initiative.

UCC course- Certificate in Practice Support in Social Farming

In 2019 we had an exciting and unique development as host farmers began a new Level 6 Course developed by Kerry Social Farming in collaboration with UCC, Certificate in Practice Support in Social Farming, (co-ordinated by UCC Skellig Centre for Research and Innovation). Host farmers availed of preliminary training with Kerry ETB in February 2019, before commencing the UCC course the following month. This Certificate course on social farming and care practice in disability is the first of its kind in Europe. The course is now well underway, with 12 participating host farmers and has included classroom based learning, project work and farm visits. Students are due to graduate in Spring 2020. Modules covered during the course include:

Environment & Well-Being
Communication in Disability Studies
Social Farming in Practice
Disability Models, Education & Work
Disability and the Law

First Aid Responder (FAR) and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Training is provided for host farmers to assist them with their practice of social farming. Host farmers attended First Aid Responder (FAR) and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults courses in late 2017 and early 2018. Further training in this regard will be rolled out for new host farmers and those already qualified as in FAR will be renewing their certificate later in 2019.

Training for Kerry Social Farming participants

Manual Handling and farm skills training was delivered by Joseph McCrohan to a group of participants on a host farm in 2018. Further Manual Training will be rolled out for new participants during 2019. All training is tailored and delivered to meet the needs of the participants within the farm environment. Work is also under way with UCC with a view to developing a new course for Kerry Social Farming participants, encompassing a farming element/blended learning though farming skills.

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